Talented and Gifted Students


The North Bend School District is dedicated to the idea that every student has the right to an education that provides opportunities for the maximum development of their potential. We recognize that some students in our schools have capabilities that far exceed those of their age peers.

The North Bend School District acknowledges that these students with outstanding abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishment may require differentiated instruction to meet their educational needs. The district encourages, fosters and supports educational efforts for its academically talented and intellectually gifted student population.

TAG program identification flow chart

Defining Giftedness

Common Characteristics

During preschool years, giftedness can be demonstrated by early physical development, early language development, and/or exceptional powers of observation and curiosity.
While it is rare for a gifted child to exhibit all characteristics listed below, it is common for a gifted child to manifest many of the following:

Knows the answers
Is interested
Is attentive
Has good ideas
Works hard
Answers the questions
Top group
Listens with interest
Learns with ease
6-8 repetitions for mastery
Understands ideas
Enjoys peers
Grasps the meaning
Completes assignments
Is receptive
Copies accurately
Enjoys school
Absorbs information
Good memorizer
Enjoys straightforward, sequential presentation
Is alert
Is pleased with own learning

TAG Resources

Hoagies Gifted Education Page

National Association for Gifted Children

National Research Center for the Gifted and Talented

Oregon Association for Talented and Gifted

World Council on Gifted and Talented

NBSD Resources

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TAG Optional Resources

Asks the questions
Is highly curious
Is mentally and physically involved
Has wild, silly ideas
Plays around, yet tests well
Discusses in detail, elaborates
Beyond the group
Shows strong feelings and opinions
Already knows
1-2 reptitions for master
Constructs abstractions
Prefers adults
Draws interferences
Initiates projects
Is intense
Creates a new design
Enjoys learning
Manipulates information
Good guesser
Thrives on complexity
Is keenly observant
Is highly self-critical

District Contact:
Tiffany Rush
TAG Facilitator

Building Contacts:

Hillcrest Elementary
Stacia Fletcher, Principal

North Bay Elementary
Dayna Cahill, Principal

 North Bend Middle School
Jon Davison, Principal

 North Bend High School
Darrell Johnston, Principal