Positive Paws, 

Our desire at Hillcrest is to promote and reward positive behavior!  The winners for this months drawing are:


Gio Pedrini, Jaxson Hill, Jaxsen Owens, Rory McGowan, Oliver Harlukowicz & Whitley Dean

 1st Grade

Lilly Luiz, Emma Younkin, Hamilton Hill, George Cheal, P.W., Kayden Clyburn & Kaylani Hudson

 2nd Grade

Caitlin Abrahamsen, Karter Major, Finley Preston, Olivia Tison, Lindsay Flammang, Rylan Fuller & Damian Meighan

 3rd Grade 

Dominic Banks, Aaron Wilbur, Airiana Silva, Anders Jensen, Peyton McCracken, Aria Hardman, Bryn Smith & Matthew Wagner

 4th Grade 

Gavin Snoddy, Shawn Gregory, J.H., Z.Q., Lexie Hudson, M.O., Mira Muth-Vu, & Paige Miller

 5th Grade

Sophia Flores, Pheobe Summers, Saylor Warnock, Michael Jones, Joel Hanks, Ashtyn Orr & Caitlin Franklin

 Congratulations to every student that earned a Positive Paw Card this time!!! 

Your positive behavior makes a difference

in our school!!